Sunday, June 19, 2011

Outdoor Room Exterior design ideas

Outdoor Rooms: A Growing Business

For the past four  years that we have  been in business, Garrett Outdoor Living has seen firsthand how the design and installation of outdoor living space has advanced over time. ''Back when I started 14 years ago, no one did outdoor rooms.  We first started out doing some yard additions, but then people began to ask for more. We started going back and then doing open beam patio covers, no fireplaces, occasionally fire pits and outdoor barbecues.  But then fourteen years ago, fireplaces started showing up in the model complexes so people wanted them, and then outdoor solid cover roof pavilions became more common, and those morphed into outdoor kitchen and outdoor living room seating areas.
High quality is the hallmark of Zsuzsanna Garrett and her company, a fact that is reflected by the design awards and honors that our company has received. We pay particular attention to top details to the finished product.  We at Garrett Outdoor Living make sure all the finished work is nice and complete, and that the finished product is the highest standard possible.

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