Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stone Lake Estates Frisco

For all of you living or working in Stone Lakes Estates, be advised that there is a 10' side yard setback for building ANYTHING WITH A FUNDATION, such as outdoor kitchens, fire pits, or patio covers. When the Deed was created for this subdivision, they failed to note the setback on individual surveys for homeowners. On a second note, often homeowners do not found out existing easements
on their property till the home is sold. Plat surveys are only shown after, or  at closing. Easements restricts homeowners to build, improve or add  outdoor structures to their backyard. Would homeowners have the information ahead of time, they might choose an other  property, where they have no restrictions to build an
outdoor living space. We here at just learned this, and wanted to share
this with you for future references.
Outdoor living spaces became very popular, if you are planning to build and outdoor kitchen, please ask your realtor about easmenets before you commit to buy a new home.

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